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On Deck Fisheries is your direct connection to the freshest fish and crab in the Bay Area, delivering high quality seafood straight off the boat, to your dinner table. We offer a unique service that provides an intimate experience directly into the commercial fishing industry. Know where your food is coming from. On Deck Fisheries is dedicated to supplying a fresh, healthy seafood option to people and their families with a sense of mind. All harvesting practices are executed with a large responsibility to protecting the environment.





Harvested in the wild, and highly regulated by state and federal agencies, we are recognized as a sustainable operation. Every pound caught is counted and reported to these Agencies to be studied and is controlled to sustain healthy levels of fish to be able to thrive in their natural environment. No fish is wasted, we only harvest to accommodate direct market demands within quota limits.

Meet The Founder


Brandon Chandler


I fell in love with fishing at an early age. My mother taught me how to fish and I was immediately captivated, never did she know I'd become obsessed and spend all my allowance money as a child on fishing lures. Being an avid recreational angler for most of my life I decided to become a commercial fisherman deckhand in the Summer of 2019; taking me to South East Alaska, Purse Seining for Salmon on the F/V Sea Gem.


Following an amazing experience and a couple seasons later, I decided to stick with it and bring my experiences close to home, Halfmoon Bay, CA; landing a great opportunity to work on the F/V Mr. Morgan. A sustainable fishing operation harvesting fresh wild fish and crab.

After gifting fresh fish to family and friends, a demand quickly grew, that eventually led to many requests to purchase. Finding a unique buzz created by my access to this precious resource, ON DECK Fisheries LLC. was created.

I am committed to providing premium quality seafood while combining my ultimate love for nature and protecting what it has to offer. 

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